Sometimes I would like to be called L’Aurora. It is an Italian word meaning sunrise or the dawn. Maybe it will be a future pseudonym to publish under, until then let me tell you a little more about this site:

There are no flashy pictures, icons galore, complicated navigational systems, esoteric link structures, over-the-top social media muddle. I dumped some of this everyday clutter and made it minimal and clean to help you focus on the words.

My name is Steve Roberts, and I’m the creator and writer here.

Welcome to the poetic “musings” of a soul in transition to discover the dawn of a new and different light. There will be a liquidity, an ebb and flow, and often some sensitive escapes , in what you read. The words may not necessarily be a reflection of my firm beliefs. In fact, these days I don’t have firm beliefs about every single thing. Sometimes I say something here to spark a thought, a meditation, or a discussion. Some of it is me simply “thinking out loud” in an effort to work through a particular issue. This blog is not meant to be read as dogmatic affirmations, but rather, reflections on my current spiritual journey.

I know you didn’t come here expecting to find my timeless, unalterable truths, carved in stone, birthing an ex cathedra of soul and spirit. We all know in part, we all understand in part. I am becoming far more aware of the importance for a deeper humility, kindness, and a listening ear willing to hear the journey of others. I hope you find this reflected in some of my writings.

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