Arrāqis is arabic for dancer. Written to my shy Arrāqis who hides behind my poet’s eyes. Here be your invocation, bring forth your whirlpool, your fire-stream words. May you dance across my night sky, scent my woods with deep spice, whisper impossible things, unreal things, things that unpoison existence. Arrāqis, you have become my secret word for muse.

Arrāqis, circle whirler; a sigil of prayer aflame.
Arrāqis, igniter; a royal priestess dancing with wordless moonlight.
Arrāqis, prismatic maiden; forged from the tears of the moon.
Arrāqis, hidden queen; weaver in the cycle of solitude.
Arrāqis, defiant one; a soul-tree reaching unto Ever-Deep.
Arrāqis, awareness; to be awakened and to be silent no more.
Arrāqis, enchanter; a minstrel bard from the Order of Deep Listening.
Arrāqis, sage of wisdom; a singer silvered with clearness; goldened with mystery.
Arrāqis, butterfly goddess; transformer, destroyer, ever-reborn by the night wind.
Arrāqis, cartographer of soul; mapping the smiling thunder within.
Arrāqis, magician; a soul shaped like a raindrop, mystery falling.
Arrāqis, abandoned harp; silent deer, deep breath of the Ghost of Muse.
Arrāqis, honey womb; birthing the White Lace Wind, the risk of darkness.
Arrāqis, crescent moon; mirror of silent snow, I peer into your dark-light waters.

© Stephen Roberts

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