The Three of Earth

In a forest a deck of cards. 

Delighted moon-fae, 
in wild circles flew, 
pale green arms high in the air, 
face soft and keen with radiant flame.

She watched from above
hidden by moss and leaf,
a liturgy of golden air-light,
and the nothingness of the wind:

I drew the Three of Earth, 
the Lone Star of Six Wisdom Moons,
the Bard of Falling Leaves, 
the Flower of Lost Tombs. 

“Opulent sprite, gentle white, 
why this, thy perfume of prosperous sight?”

I drew the Queen of Crystals, 
the Magician of Wisdom Wise,
the Four of Abandoned Wastelands.
the Dove of Silver Eyes.

“Opulent sprite, delicate green, 
why this, thy radiance of magic revealed?”

I drew the Storm of Towering Trees, 
the Hidden Pool of Vastness,
the Seven of Eternal Rains, 
the Broken Heart of Darkness.

“Opulent sprite, clothed with radiant mistress fire, 
why this, thy piercing sky of all my heart’s desire?”

I drew the Swan of Eternal Things,
the Ace of Burning Silk,
the Nine of Flaming Clouds,
the Wand of the Magician’s Will.

“Opulent sprite, beauteous ocean blue, 
why this, thy drowning of all I once regarded true?”

I drew the Angel of Dream-like Towers,
the Ten of Luna Time,
the Eight Mortal Mystics of Poetry,
the Flutes of Seraphim Divine.

“Opulent sprite, engulfed in ochre earth, 
why this, thy long embrace to tender a virgin birth?”

I drew the Realm of Plucked Forevers,
the Ice Pearl of Echoing Dreams,
the Seven Robes of Sweetness,
the Gleam of Mystic Beams.

“Opulent sprite, charmed of amber sun, 
why this, thy tender kiss of awakened oblivion?”
© Stephen Roberts

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