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The Twitter Version: Author. Speaker. Poet. Reader. Designer. Minimalist. Vegan Ⓥ. Inner and Outer Health Advocate. Steve is the author of several books - Soulshift, The Stillness at the Edge of Time, Awareness, A Thousand Ways to Listen to Silence, Waking Up On Planet V (forthcoming) and Staring at the Wild Moonlight (forthcoming).

Steve’s life-focus over the last 20 + years has been helping others encounter grace and seeing them released into a deeper awareness of the freedom, joy and contentment that flows from a life rooted in divine love. Since 1997 Steve and his wife Lydia have lived in Asia and have spoken in many nations about this life-transforming message - Nepal, Myanmar, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and China. He holds a Masters Degree in Cross Cultural Studies with a major in world religions and has experienced life living long-term in secular, Buddhist and Muslim cultures.

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